Saturday, October 26, 2013

Another Doll Land update:

Well, I am employed! It took eight months, but I did manage to land a good job. It's a contract role, however, so I'm holding my breath that they like me well enough to bring me on full time. Then I'll be able to sponsor my husband and write more about my dolls. I still have quite a few to cover, including my Lenci dolls, a Civil War era China head doll, Native American dolls, Coco Chanel doll, Madame Alexander Jacqueline and many more.

This move has taken a lot longer than I anticipated and I miss having my dolls around me, so, what did I do when my husband came to visit me and we took a trip to Savannah? Of course, I had to purchase a porcelain Southern Belle with fixed glass eyes. She's made by Golden Keepsakes of Ontario, CA.  She's not vintage, but it feels more like home when there's a doll in it.

This doll has a soft stuffed body and porcelain head, forearms and hands, and lower legs and boots. She is constructed on an armature so that she can be posed, and has her own stand.

In my travels, I have always tried to pick up dolls in native dress as souvenirs. Whenever I see them, I am flooded with great memories. Am I the only one who thinks that dolls make great souvenirs?

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