Saturday, August 8, 2009

Baby Hendren

Baby dolls were made popular early in the 20th century. Before then, most dolls were lady or fashion dolls, or little girls in fancy dresses. Some time early in the 20th century, the husband and wife team of Paul and Georgene Averill designed and produced baby dolls for the mass market. They operated out of New York under several different names: Georgene Novelties, Madame Hendren, Paul Averill Inc. to name a few.

I purchased this doll that had been restored, only to find out, to my dismay, that the maker's marks had been sanded back to refinish the doll. The only way I can identify her for certain, is by her face mold, and by comparing her to other Baby Hendren dolls on the market. This is a lesson in what NOT to do when restoring or repairing dolls.

Baby Hendren dates from the 1920's, is approximately 22 inches tall and has her original tin sleep eyes with "real" lashes. She has a hard stuffed body, and composition head, arms, and legs. She's been redressed, and her outfit seems to suit her. She certainly captivated me with her charm, despite her lack of identifiable marks.


  1. I have this doll but she's in bad shape. How can I have her restored?

  2. Hi there - if you have her, she's really worth restoring, even if she's in bad shape. The best way to do it is to get someone professional. Are you able to do a Google or Yellow Pages search for a doll hospital in your area? Most doll hospitals do a fantastic job at restorations and repairs. Best of luck!