Sunday, June 21, 2009

Doll Land

This blog is about my doll collection. I'm a grown woman with an obsession for old dolls. I guess you could psychoanalyse my love of old dolls, but it's plain to me that dolls are a connection with the past that is at once, human and fantasy.

Dolls tell us so many things. They give us a glimpse into the technology of their day. They come dressed with the fashion of their day. Sometimes they emphasise the pop culture of their day. Most of all, however, dolls remind me of what it was like to be young and without a care in the world.

I will be showcasing each of my dolls, most of which date from the 1920's - 1950's. I welcome comments, especially if you have a fascinating doll fact to share, or a doll story you wish to tell.

Please come and join me over the months, in my second childhood.

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